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Peter Kwasny GmbH, headquarters in Gundelsheim, Germany
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Managing Director: Gisela Kwasny, Sabine Kwasny-Grimminger, Hans-Peter Kwasny, Lothar Grimminger, Alexander Kunkel, Dr. Wolfgang Kranig

All rights reserved. Texts, images, graphics, sounds, animations and videos and their layout on the Kwasny website underlie protection through copyright law and other protective laws. It is prohibited to copy, transmit, change or make the contents of this website accessible to third parties for commercial purposes. For technical reasons, the colours portrayed are not colour binding. No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of this information. Liability is excluded.

Colour representation:
How the colour tones appear on the monitor screens depends on the settings and resolution of the individual monitor. For that reason, please note that the portrayals of the colours available in the frame of our product range are always non-binding colour samples that can deviate from the original colour tones.

How you can optimise the colour display:

  • We recommend setting your PC or Macintosh to display more than 256 colours.
  • In a PC, to do that select „Settings“ in the Windows start menu, go to the menu item „Control Panel” and select “Display”. You can find the colour topic here again in „Settings”.
  • In a Macintosh select the point „Control boxes“ in the Apple menu, then „Monitors & Sounds“ and make the desired settings here under "Colour depth”.

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