Distribution of the paint particles

Picture 1 shows the Gaussian bell curve for a 2K Clearcoat sprayed by a pistol (red) versus SprayMax aerosol (blue) can.

Both curves are quite similar and very narrow.

This result gives the professional body shop user the confidence to use SprayMax aerosol like a pistol with the same working behavior and the same blending requirements.

Atomization of a 2K Clearcoat and distribution of the paint particles (Gaussian curve) SprayMax (blue) vs. SprayGun (red).

  • SprayMax Aerosol atomization is similar as of a Spray Gun but with a higher transfer efficiency (+30%)
  • SprayMax releases fewer respirable parts in the size below 10micrometers
  • SprayMax shows nearly no overspray
  • SprayMax is original paint and a professional application tool in one

Question: Can we find the same results in praxis based on the theoretical measurements?


Taking the spray pattern show easily the correlation