Atomisation of the paint (no overspray)

Air pressurized pistol application has a lot of overspray, which is not a problem for big parts. For small damage repairs, this fog is a disadvantage and a loss of paint material.

Picture 3 shows a comparison of a pistol application versus SprayMax aerosols demonstrated with a 2K Epoxy Primerfiller, but valid for all 1K and 2K SprayMax aerosols.

For the pistol application, the air is located outside the paint particles. Leaving out from the spray nozzle, the paint exploded like a ball, moving forward in a radial way with an increasing ball and with a strong contamination of the atmosphere around, which has to be cleaned. The atomization is finished 1 or 2 inches after the spray nozzle.

SprayMax, and this is the new aerosol technology, sprays completely different. The propellant is solved in the paint particles and when they leave the nozzle, the atomization continuous further until the surface is reached. On one side, at the beginning of spraying there are bigger, heavier particles, moving more or less directly straight forward and with the ongoing atomization, a smooth coating results on the surface. In addition, we see sharp corners of the spray fan keeping the paint together. 

Comparsion of the atomisation between SprayMax and Spray Gun

Mini Spray Gun

  • Atomisation is like a “ball” with fragments of paint
  • Atomisation is finished directly after the spray nozzle

SprayMax Aerosol

  • Atomisationlike a fan with sharp corners, concentrated and homogeneous
  • Atomisation is ongoing till the surface of substrate