Transfer Efficiency

Depending on the distance from the spray nozzle either pistol or SprayMax can, the Aerosol shows a kind of trapeze, a narrow spray fan concentrated on the area which should be coated.

In comparison, the pistol atomization is like a broad Gaussian bell distribution, covering more than the necessary area which at the end results in overspray and in a loss of paint.

Comparsion of the Transfer Efficiency

  • Broad Gaussian distribution curve
  • Trapeze like Sharp distribution Curve

Result: the transfer efficiency of SprayMax is 30% more productive

The different colors of the pictures means different spray distances from the  substrate starting with the red curve of 2 inches up to 8 inches with the blue curve.

Especially for the “Small Damage Repair” SprayMax becomes more attractive because more and more smaller areas have to be coated economically.