SprayMax Aerosol Concept

SprayMax is a professional coating and paint repair system, filled with original paints of automotive paint repair manufacturers. The entire painting process can be carried out with spray paint cans from start to finish.

The SprayMax Aerosol technology is characterized by two technological special features:

  • The SprayMax atomization and application technology is characterized by broad jet atomization, high paint output, constant atomization pressure (until the can is completely empty) as well as uniform distribution of the coat application thickness and low overspray.
  • The SprayMax technology uses tested and approved automotive repair paints that provide the perfect paint result.

The most important SprayMax technology features

  • Innovative nozzle, valve and propellant technology
  • Higher paint output, faster work speed, broad jet atomization
  • 1- and 2- component technology
  • Professional paint results, just like with a spray gun

FillClean Aerosol

FillClean is an automatic filling machine for spray paint cans for cleaning-free dosing of fillable FillClean cans, both for solvent-based and water-borne painting systems from auto repair paint manufacturers.

Based on a wide range of factory packed aerosols for all paint layers

The colours are coming from the paint mixing system being easily transferred in a prefilled can with the FillClean machine.

1K, 2K Specialities – prefilled Aerosol Products

FillClean machine; 2 aerosol sizes for all 1K and 2K paint products

a) 400 ml = 16 onces
b) 250 ml = 10 onces

1K, 2K Specialities – prefilled Aerosol Products

For a wide range of colours – basecoats: waterbased and solventbased – Topcoats and mixing systems, dedicated prefilled cans are developed to reduce the numbers of articles.

The prefilled cans have the same SprayMax technology and atomization like the factory packed aerosols.

With a FillClean machine, the colour ( pigmented paint ) can be transfer easily and fast  into the prefilled can with no waste and no cleaning anything with solvent !

Of cause, a lot of Clearcoats, Primers and other paints can be filled also; please ask before using.

Prefilled products

1K FillClean solventbased
1K FillClean waterbased
2K FillClean medium solid
2K FillClean high solid
2K FillClean Specialities