SprayMax for Automotive / Refinish ( PBE market )

Refinish Aerosol Coating Systems – Quality versus Aerosol System

Picture – Explanation
Spot repair: only 1K aerosols
Time value repair: 1K aerosols, sometimes with primer and 2 K aerosols
Professional Repair: mostly 2K paint; the world for SprayMax.


Refinish Repair Approvals are given by the automotive manufacturers mainly based on different 2K paint technologies.

With SprayMax 2K aerosol technologies containing the same original approved wet paints from the global paint manufacturers, Peter Kwasny Inc. can offer a unique  Repair System based on Aerosols.

With SprayMax the body shop users can make a highly professional repair on the level of the original coating, same chemical and physical resistance with a coating result like using a pistol application.

SprayMax aerosol technology – advantages

  • No overspray
  • 2 to 3 times longer potlife in the can; sometimes days
  • +30% transfer efficiency
  • Constant pressure till all paint is consumed
  • Up to -50% process costs savings

SprayMax aerosol technology – cost savings

Repairs smaller than 200 square inches, SprayMax becomes more economic in comparison with standard repair methods.

Repair process – cost savings

Because of the high transfer efficiency, no overspray and speed, SprayMax is a professional aerosol repair system for small damage repairs. The pictures above show the economics in material and time savings for the body shop.
SprayMax is designed for an EXPRESS repair finished somewhere between 1 and 2 hours, outside the painting cabinet.
An exhausting machine is available for health and working reasons.

SprayMax aerosol technology – products

Nearly all 2K paint technologies are available in the 2K Aerosol cans:

2K – Aerosol Products

2K Washprimer

acid catalyzed


2K Epoxy Primerfiller

amine catalyzed

corrosion, adhesion  

2K Rapid Primer Filler

non isocyanate

corrosion, speed

2K Urethane Filler


film thickness

2K Clearcoat


scratch-, weathering resist., speed

2K Topcoats


scratch-, weathering resistance

2K Polyester


spray putty, Gelcoat, others

2K Prefilled cans for all technologies

1K – Aerosol Products

A broad range of 1K products is the back bone of the SprayMax program.

1K, 2K Specialities – prefilled Aerosol Products

1K FillClean


1K FillClean


2K FillClean

medium solid

2K FillClean

high solid

2K FillClean



SprayMax is the only one aerosol system in the market for a high quality small damage repair, even able to fit the OEM`s approvals.