SprayMax for Industry ( General Industrial Market )

Industrial Aerosol Coating Systems – Quality versus Aerosol System

Picture – Explanation
DIY – market: only 1K aerosols
Maintenance – market: only 1K averosols, sometimes with primer; no 2K aerosols
Professional Repair: mostly 2K paint; the world for SprayMax
Industrial small damage repair size: below 1600 square inches

General Industrial Market – Segmentation

This market is a highly fragmentated market with up to 40 different market segments – based on metal coatings, plastic, wood and minerals.

In nearly all market segments, SprayMax small damage aerosol system can be used; experiences and deliveries of SprayMax are from Aerospace, Marine Yachten, Agriculture, Machineries, Commercial transport, Protective coatings and much more.

Overview of the industrial market segments:

Aerospace Coatings

Wood Industry


Wood Building Elements

Electric Insulation

Marine Coatings

Auto Metal Parts

Auto Plastic Parts

Traffic markings

General Plastics

Commercial Transport

Other Industrial Applications

Agriculture; Construction

Wood Craftsmen

Metal Craftsmen

Protective Coatings


Metal Construction

Metal Material Industry

Wood Furniture

Metal Packaging, Drums


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