General advantages

The biggest hurdle is to overcome is, that when SprayMax aerosols is mentioned, the customers automatically will think on their knowledge or experiences in the DIY or maintenance market, with low , in some or many cases adequate quality. 2K aerosol technology is not known !

Under the name industry you will find aerosol maintenance products also used by DIY people and now SprayMax aerosols.

 To be successful, you have to understand the differences, cost advantages and see the demonstration!


  • 1K and 2K Aerosol Technology ( most used are the 2K industrial products followed by 1K Alkyd )
  • Original paints from global paint suppliers with approvals
  • Or, the OEM`s can use their same paint products in a SprayMax can, especially 2K or/ and 2K Fill In`s
  • SprayMax gives the same requirements like the OEM coating ( corrosion, weathering, scratch,…..)
  • Guaranty, warranty can be continued !!! same products , same results
  • 2K aerosol can be stored up to 3 years , before usage
  • Potlife is 2 to 3 times longer in a can, sometimes several days; 2K epoxy up to 1 week, 2K Washprimer 4 days ….
  • SprayMax aerosols have an atomization and a  coating result like a spray gun
  • No preparation, no cleaning, less waste, easier and convenient handling
  • Flexible, SprayMax comes to the substrate and not the substrate to the paint
  • +30% higher transfer efficiency, process costs savings
  • No overspray
  • Flexible nozzle from 0,5 inch up to 8  inches


SprayMax is the only one aerosol system in the market for a high quality small damage repair, even able to fit the OEM`s approvals. SprayMax and the small damage repair is the future for the markets.