Clear Coats and Spot Blender

Clear coat:

The purpose of clear coats is to lend the entire paint structure permanent protection or long-term sealing. The SprayMax Clear Coats have outstanding gloss levels, are weather and yellowing resistant and are highly scratch resistant. You can obtain the clear coats application specific as 1K clear coat, 2K clear coat and as a fast drying 2K Rapid 2K clear coat. The application areas are manifold and cover the motor vehicle sector, industry, trade and up to semi-professional.

Spot blender:

Spot blender (blender painting) is used in motor vehicle related spot repairs to compensate the paint transitions and edge zones to the new paint. The SprayMax spot blender is a special product made exactly for this application. 1K Spot blender uniformly achieve compensation and homogenisation between the new and old paint jobs.